Our group actively engages with the scientific and wider community through personal and electronic communication. We adhere to goals of open access and ensure the availability of raw data, analysis pipelines, manuscript, and reviews. In parallel, we are currently developing tutorials in several common challenges in studying genetics and bioinformatics.


It can be a challenge to navigate large repositories when accessing sequencing data. We have collected links for all the sequencing data that has been generated in our group. link


We access a range of genetic resources that are publically available from the community. In addition, we contribute by developing populations that will be useful to ourselves and others. For a list of resources we have in house, follow this link.


We are in the process of collecting and posting to Figshare our presented posters over the last seven years. link


We use Github for version control of our Python and R scripts. This means that you can see development as it happens and access all our in house scripts. link


We are currently developing tutorials on common challenges we face when analyzing complex biological data. link

Last updated: 2017 May 30